A collection of innovative websites that have been created by or partnered with the Sector Network. From web design and coding to hosting and advertising, we combine a variety of resouces and ideas.

The primary developer is Matt Richards (Mattc0m), founder of the Sector Network.

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Developed by Mattc0m Launched September 2009

Movie Sector aims to provide quality movie reviews, previews, analysis, and trailers. It's pretty much just another movie blog, but its our own, so that makes it special.

The goal is to feature content from a variety of different, interesting personalities.

Developed by Mattc0m Launched August 2009

FPS Gaming Community is the next generation of gaming community. FPS offers community servers, voice chat, irc chat, weekly events, tournaments, clubs, clans, and more.

Visit the site and see what we have to offer today. And a big thanks to our sponsors!

Developed by Mattc0m & GreasedScotsman Launched May 2009

The next step of the ETTV team into Quake Live. Quickly became the #1 spot for Quake Live coverage. This project is led by Mattc0m and GreasedScotsman.

QuakeLive.TV features live video shoutcasts, news, match demos, detailed history, and more.

Developed by Mattc0m & GreasedScotsman Launched February 2008

E-sports shoutcasting and competitive center for the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars community. This project is led by Mattc0m and GreasedScotsman.

EnemyTerritory.TV features live shoutcasts, competition news, match demos, archives, and more.

Designed & Developed by Mattc0m Launched October 2008

A fansite for Fable 2, powered by Text Pattern. Designed, developed, and completely coded by Mattc0m. It features a variety of guides, FAQ, forums, and more. One staff member helped operate the site.

While still active, it never really took off.

Developed & Written by Mattc0m Launched October 2006

My blog, features plenty of informative stories, updates on my projects, opinion pieces, reviews, and more. The site contains 82 blog posts, in addition to pages that have inforamtion on projects and game reviews.

The blog stories are about my life, gaming, music, movies, etc.